UK-AILD works effectively with industry and have a proven record of success. Industry input will be delivered through a fully industry-funded Industry Programme. Industry partnership is critical if UK-AILD is to deliver improved outcomes and economic benefit. We currently have 12 partners/collaborators (8 pharmaceutical and 4 diagnostics/imaging). We anticipate that this pool will be dynamic, with new partners emerging (particularly in the area of molecular diagnostics/prognostics).

The needs of our partners which will be met by this programme are:

  • A clear understanding of the mechanisms of disease within specific disease strata allowing effective targeting of drugs within development pipelines and focus in terms of drug development;
  • Validated, clinically applicable markers to identify the treatment strata and to function as response biomarkers to the satisfaction of regulatory bodies;
  • High level and pragmatic intellectual input into development decisions (e.g. evidence base as to unmet need), trial design and downstream regulatory approval processes;
  • Supporting information to facilitate approval processes (such as disease modelling and health economics data);
  • A trials platform which can allow rapid identification of patients across the country that meet inclusion criteria for specific trials in disease variants (an approach which we have developed and delivered with UK-PBC making the UK the leading centre for trials delivery in PBC helping to make the disease “tractable”.

We can, with the investment of our industry partners, deliver this complete package of industry support. Having developed and refined the model within UK-PBC we can now deliver it on a larger scale delivering effective support in AILD and providing a highly effective model suitable for us in other rare disease settings.

Companies interested in working with UK-AILD are welcome to contact us, for formal and confidential discussions about opportunities.